Communiqué: Ontario Court Decision Abandons Aboriginal Women and Women of Colour to Pimps.

Joint statement of the Aboriginal Women’s Action Network, Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution and the South Asian Women Against Male Violence.

September 29, 2010 – The decision of the Ontario Supreme Court to strike down Canadian prostitution laws in another dangerous step entrenching the practice of prostitution in Canada. Prostitution reinforces racism and multiplies the devastating effects of sexism on Aboriginal women and women of colour.

The ruling abandons Aboriginal women and women of colour to be bought and sold by pimps, procurers and human traffickers whose status as legitimate businessmen is further advanced by Justice Susan Himel’s horribly flawed decision.

Aboriginal, Asian and South Asian women call on the federal and provincial governments to adopt the Nordic model as a progressive and equality promoting step to fill the legislative vacuum created by this court ruling.


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